Rachel Caldwell

Name: Rachel Caldwell
Location: Scotland

Either my SEO is on the money or you have accidentally stumbled across this here blog. Either way, welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my Content Thoughts.

I first became familiar with the term content strategy in 2012 and since then I have been hooked.

How I learn about content strategy


As a content professional working in the public sector I learn and develop every day.

I don’t talk about specific work situations in this blog, but my experiences do shape my development which is central to all Content Thoughts I have.


Probably my main source of learning is through Twitter.

From the never ending wit and amusing GIFs of @DiaryCS (who is as elusive as the Stig on Top Gear!) to the advice and wisdom of people across the globe.

You can find me at @r_a_c_h_e_.

Books and magazines

Books and magazines are another key source of learning for me.

I started off by reading Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach, a must read for anyone interested in content strategy or the web in general.

Since then I haven’t really stopped reading about the subject and have subscribed to Wired magazine to keep up to date on all the latest web trends.

I’ll refer to books throughout the blog and key points I have learnt.

Conferences, meetups, webinars and training courses

Another way I learn about content strategy is by attending conferences, going to meetups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, taking part in webinars and attending training throughout the UK.

You will find posts about these spread throughout the blog.